The Spring Curse

I think it started in 2015. I remember quitting the YMCA and starting my job as a personal trainer at OneLife in Power & Light. My dream job and I wasn’t looking the part. My allergies were raging, I was more than exhausted and my appetite was ravenous. My weight that I had always under control just kept creeping up. I would try to workout but my energy level was struggling and when I would get my workouts in, it made me even more hungry. I was uncomfortable in my body and my mind was getting foggy from the lack of sleep. I have always had sleep and digestion issues but they were out of control. I would bloat so much that my clothes would not fit, causing me not wanting to workout which in turn made my usual healthy eating habits nowhere to be seen. You get my drift? It was a literal domino effect. I just could not catch a break. I felt like I needed a week or a few days to just get to sleep on time, wake up on time, eat all the veggies and the fruits, work the workouts and just get the heck back on schedule.

I am not sure why this happens every Spring. I just realized this year that this has been an ongoing yearly event. Maybe it is allergies. Maybe it is getting burnt out on Spring running. Maybe it is the dreary rainy longer days. One’s mood can cause lots of mind+body imbalances.

For now I am trying to stay on track by going to bed around 9. Trying my hardest to get up early enough to get a little workout in so I can stay on a workout schedule and when I am hungry (which is all of the time) I have been scarfing down vegetables and fruits. I also have been trying to make an effort to look nice for work. I realize when I put on a little makeup and throw on some heels, I feel more confident which leads me to healthier/confident choices.

I have a couple half marathons coming up, number 31 and 32 and then I may hang up my long distance running shoes for more lifting. I really wish I could afford a cross-fit style gym but for now my goal is to stay active and healthy. Every year it always balances itself out and I get back in my groove. just going through this ebb and flow and listening to my body.


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