I run this city

I could not wait until December 11th. Races to me, are the closest feeling to the child-like feeling I got as a kid the night before Christmas. The night before a race, I get those same happy little butterflies. It is just like that for lottery racy entries as well. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed my email the morning of December 11th. I signed up for Chicago. I knew if I PR’d this past year in Kansas City that if I trained even harder and ran a flat course I could possibly run a sub 4! Then I finally refreshed to this email. The one above. The one that told me, “We regret to inform you that your name was not selected.” It felt like I woke up the morning of Christmas and got coal in my stocking. I shed a few tears and maybe had a little tantrum, ate a cookie or two. I attempted to get into an organization to fundraise and finally found one I was passionate about, it involved saving cats and dogs off the streets of Chicago. I almost went that route until I found out that if you didn’t raise $1,500 by October 31st, your card would be charged the remaining amount! Yikes! I slept on it and took a step back and realized if I chose another marathon in another state that gives me the excuse to cross another city off my bucket list! I have eaten deep dish pizza all over Chicago, twice. Why not try some New York style pizza! 

New York is also a lottery. I am going to take my chances and sign up in January. I will know if I got into the marathon sometime in March. If I get another, “I regret to inform you,” I will find another city to attempt my PR.

Until running season revs back up I have been staying warm in my gym. I have been obsessed with HIIT Tabata workouts. Yesterday morning I focused on arms. Tabata is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times.

5 minute treadmill

  • Shoulder taps
  • Burpees
  • Hammer curls (10 lb weights)

5 minute treadmill

  • Tricep dips
  • KB pass through
  • Plank jack-knee tuck

5 minute treadmill

  • Push up-shoulder taps
  • Bicep curls
  • High pull burpees

5 minute treadmill

All these moves are Tabata moves. My arms are still hard to lift. 


Warm and toasty with a side of motivation

Currently I am sitting in a lake house drinking a cup of Folgers coffee with a splash of almond milk and a little bit of whipped cream. I am listening to the banter between my boyfriend and his step dad and his mama and grandma. I am scrolling through the interwebs to find some last minute Christmas gifts. Later on today we are going to go into the town of Warsaw to check out a few shops. 

This morning I had planned to do a Jillian Michaels no equipment workout but accidently left my laptop at home and only brought my work laptop but that is totally okay because there are so many options. In the end, it is only about moving your body. 

Today we are going to do a Tabata workout. This is a workout that is based on 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes. I have an application on my phone that helps keep you on track with your time called Gym Boss.

  1. Burpees 
  2. Jump squats
  3. Push ups
  4. Walking planks
  5. Jumping lunges
  6. Pike crunches
  7. Squat side kick – left
  8. Squat side kick – right
  9. Scissor kicks
  10. Lying oblique crunches
  11. Star jumps
  12. Bicycle crunches
  13. Plank rotations

I chose 13 exercises since this rounds out about 50 minutes and gives me some time in between exercises to reset the timer.

Even though I must forgo my gym this morning, I am looking forward to getting back into town. I finally cleaned it up and it is almost ready to take clients. Yes, that is right, I am taking clients! Do you need a place to stay warm and toasty this Winter with a side of motivation?

It doesn’t do it justice.

Until then, make this to keep you warm and toasty.

1 tsp Cocoa (unsweetened)
Dash of pink Himalayan salt
Splash of almond milk
Almond whip cream
Crushed peppermint on top
About 60 calories. 🎄

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes – Work that Booty

.25 miles
20 KB pass throughs
20 spider lunges
20 standing weighted leg raises
20 wood chops
20 weighted squats
50 bicycle crunches
.25 miles
15 weighted kneed crunch
15 plank jacks
50 scissor kicks
20 bosu in and outs
30 donkey kicks
20 weighted step ups
.25 miles
50 glute bridge
50 fire-hydrants
30 weighted sumo-squats
30 windmills
20 deadlift
Repeat for an hour
I am traveling to Hawaii in about two months and this booty wants to get a little bit more in shape since I may be living in a bikini for two weeks. I created this workout just for that. I love HIIT workouts but I like to target either upper body or lower body so I can alternate everyday and give either or some rest. This workout I can get through twice in an hour. To amp it up, feel free to slap some ankle weights on and up that incline on the treadmill.
While I was throwing up my heart this morning and torturing my legs, I received an email I had a package at the door…at 6 AM. Those little FedEx elves are busy this time of year. I had ordered shoes from Dick’s Sporting Goods two weeks ago and they seemed to have gotten lost in the mail so they refunded my money and I bought a new pair to be overnighted. Well, some how the shoes finally got to me this morning and the newly ordered ones will be here tonight.
But you know what, doesn’t matter. I am living my best life.
And you know what the best part is…
They have bells.
As a runner and a lover of Christmas, how could I not purchase these??
I obviously need to go back to the Christmas pop up bar with these bad boys. More than likely I will be donning these bad boys all of the December month.
Every year I take my Soph-a-Loph to see Santa and I don’t know if I will ever get over the amount of love she has for this man. I don’t know what it is but her child-like excitement over seeing this white bearded man makes me incredibly happy. She rolls instantly on her back and wants Santa to rub her belly.
I can’t imagine this little lady out of my life. She turns 9 on January 7th. I hate that she is getting older but I am thankful she is in my life. She is my best friend, she is my home.
I am trying my best to keep in shape during my off season of running. Living in Kansas/Missouri area, I just can’t brave the cold. So I have been trying to keep up with my morning HIIT workouts and there is a group exercise studio literally .2 miles away from my house I have been walking to on occasion. I signed up for 2 months unlimited classes and can’t wait to take advantage of it.
Right now life is super swamped and my therapy of running is put on a little hold but thank goodness for my heated garage converted gym.

What are you thankful for? Sweat the gravy off.

These are just a few things I am thankful for this holiday season. There are many more but going through my photo album on my phone, these images stuck out to me.

I am also thankful for my health and my ability to move my body and stay active.

Marathon season is over and I wanted so badly to hold onto my mileage but my “cold blooded body” despises the cold. I have begun my slow or rather quick transition into my heated gym. I want to stay active this holiday season so not only have I begun some H.I.I.T workouts in my garage converted gym, I have also began going to SWEAT KC. When I moved in with my boyfriend I saw this group exercise class facility and have been meaning to check it out. I finally walked the whole .2 miles down there on Saturday and tried out Buti Yoga. Since then, I have also attended Piloxing, LHS (Left heavy stuff), and a tabata class. Everytime I leave, I leave with a smile. I can’t help it. The instructors are wonderful and I am working parts of my body that my running doesn’t target. I got into a rut with the exercises I knew. I just did the free 7 day pass but I know tomorrow I am going to get in on the black friday deal. I can see myself going at least 1-2 times a week. My body was getting so use to my exercises, I am sure this will change it that last little bit. My arms…on fire today!

I am going to leave you with a workout.

.5 miles

20 box jumps

10 weighted burpees

20 wood chops

15 zombie sit up

.5 miles

12 squat hold bicep curls

10 dumbbell snatch and press

8 kneeling goblet squat jumps

10 push up to dumbbell pull through

12 weighted sumo jacks


Repeat for an hour

The second segment is from @blondeponytail


My Sidekick

I think it is known that when you have little human babies that lots of people are going to give you unsolicited advice. I guess I never realized when you have a fur baby, the same unwanted advice is shoved into your face if you are ready for it or not.

Sophie was fat shamed at the agility trial on Sunday and I was judged.

(A lady came up to me and told me I was abusing my dog because she was overweight. I told her many times to walk away from me. She would not and the situation escalated. I left.)

I guess I now understand what it feels like to be a mom with an overweight child. When I was a chubby little kid I would eat dinner at my grandparents house and then probably lie about it and then eat dinner at home. What can I say, food is a delectable nourishment sent from the Gods of all Gods. I am sure my mother was given stares as my chubby little thighs would jiggle through the grocery store but now I understand what it feels like to be out of control of the situation. Soph has always been like her mama, she loves food and one bite, if not careful, balloons. She is an absolute 180 from her brother, Leo, whom passed away a few years ago. That little old man soul could eat and eat and eat. I don’t think he had one ounce of fat on his Brittany body. I have always been really good about taking Soph on lots of walks and I try my best to cut her food down but this little lady just does not lose the weight.

My Sophie bear means the world to me so I have pet health insurance, laugh all you want but this has saved so much money throughout her 8 years. She is prone to UTI’s and she can get in the craziest predicaments. She was poked in the eye at Petco grooming salon. She has gotten stuck under my parents shed and a firefighter had to come rescue her…you get my drift. She is accident prone. Since I have insurance and she is my world, I tend to go to the vet with every sniffle. I can’t even imagine when I have human babies…lord help me.

One night, several years ago she yelped getting into my Jeep. The next morning, she could not even stand or walk. I had no PTO and my mom rushed from the town an hour away to take Soph to the vet. I left shortly after to meet her there. She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and that is where her weight loss journey really started. The vet said she needed weight off her hip and we began cold laser therapy as well as Adequan shots. A few weeks later she was as good as new. We moved and changed vets. I never believed she had Hip Dysplasia since she was better so quickly so I got an Xray. He said there was no way and she just had a bit of arthritis. We moved again and our vet currently said he has seen this pulled muscle (lots of medical terms) look like Hip Dysplasia. Because of all this hip stuff, no matter what you call it, she needs weight off her body. I am wanting Soph to live forever and even though that is not practical, I want her to live till 16+ and I will do whatever I have to to keep my sidekick, baby munchkin face close to me.

She use to be almost 70 pounds and the oldest vet thought she had thyroid problems on top of her “Hip Dysplasia” so he placed her on medication. She lost lots of weight. When we changed vets he thought that was highly unlikely so I spent over one thousand dollars on testing to get her off this life depending pill. He ruled her as just fine and we slowly came off the pills. Since then her metabolism seems to be a little out of control. I was in the habit of taking her to get weighed every month and when I moved to Shawnee I fell out of habit. since then, we now life with a loveable fur ball kitty cat, name Scruffy. I can’t deny my pup is a little gross and loves the presents Scruffy leaves behinds as well as what it looked like before digested. I have tried and tried to block his food and “food” but it is hard when I don’t want to block Scruffy from it too.

So here is to day 1. I weighed myself and Sophie. I am losing weight for Hawaii (in February!!) and Soph is losing weight to live a long and healthy life.

My weight: 136.5

Sophie’s weight: 65


My goal weight: 130ish

Sophie’s goal weigh: 55ish

Here is to getting healthy together!!