Smashing Goals

Half marathon season started off slowly but I think I am making strides with my goals. I am on week three of training. I may have resorted to the treadmill quite a bit but I have been able to get all my mileage in one way or another.

This past weekend called for snow and lots of it. I had an 8 miler but the flu bug hit the same time as the snow storm. I spent all weekend in bed, literally. I have never felt so lazy. However, I think it did both my mind and body good to rest because Monday night I slapped on my running shoes and hit the snowy roads of Shawnee to get in that 8 miles. I have never ran in the snow (weird, I know!) but I quickly found out only the streets were cleared and I had to resort to the roads but then rush hour hit and I was forced to drudge through the snowy sidewalks. I tried to pretend it was sand and I was finally on the beaches of Hawaii (15 days!) After that it wasn’t half bad. The trees were glittered with snow and it was almost like running in a Winter Wonderland snowglobe. It was both beautiful and a challenge. I dressed appropriately which definitely helped. I wore long smartwool socks with my Adidas shoes, long tights (socks went over bottom of tights), sports bra, two long warm shirts and a jacket. I then had a Buff cap with an infinity ear warmer. This probably looked ridiculous but I said “F” it as I was exiting my house into the tundra.

I also judged sunset wrong and by the end the temperature was dropping and doubled with the snow it was becoming a bit dangerous. I finished at 7.6 miles and picked up the pup to finish it out. When your speed decreases so does the temperature (or so it feels!!). I jumped into a hot shower and called it good. My speed was decreased due to the snow obstacles but it definitely worked some muscles I was not use to working.

With Hawaii in 15 days and I Bare shoot coming up I decided I need to get my booty on track. I can gain and lose weight pretty easily. With all the holiday treats I had packed on a lot of bloat. I was weighing 143 at the beginning of the month. I took some initial water weight off within a few days and then my goal was two pounds a week. I hit my 138 goal and now I am down to my second goal of 136. My next goal is for next week and that is 134. I think by Hawaii I want to sit around 132 which is pretty much my end all goal. I have seen my body at 128 in 2013 and I was a bit on the too skinny side for my body. Every body is so different. For me I have running goals to smash and being lighter and building these leggies is what it is all about. In the end weight really doesn’t matter. I just know what I feel good at when I run and I am almost to that weight.

Which brings me to a speed workout I have been playing around with. In past training I never did work or play with speed, I just ran. This time around I am going to try to be more disciplined. This 3 mile workout is tough but so rewarding when finished.

You can adjust this to your own speed levels. It is a calorie torcher no matter how you run it.

So how have I been shredding weight and smashing my workouts? It comes down to lots of variables.

  • Limiting my alcohol (a small glass with dinner)
  • .5-1 gallon of water a day
  • Taking my Care/of vitamins which consist of: Probiotic Blend, B Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Veggie Omega, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Astaxanthin
  • Drinking a spoonful of Amazing Greens every morning (I mix it in with water and take my vitamins with this.)
  • Counting calories (I am eating around 2,000 calories a day. Reducing too many calories will not allow you to lose weight! I repeat, don’t restrict too many calories, especially if you are working out! I am eating by the 80/20 rule and making sure I fuel my body for my workouts.)
  • Working out in the morning before I eat (fasted cardio)

What works for me may not work for you but it comes down to moving your body, eating healthy, and being happy.

Ending this post with my cute pup.

One week down.

I have successfully finished one week of half marathon training. This may seem like boring news since I have ran quite a bit of races but when you stop running outside for a couple months and start back up…well, it really tests your mind on if you really can run all those miles again.

I ran my first miles outside on Saturday and it was less than enjoyable. I thought it would never end. Granted I did not ease into training like I should have and just went out there and ran 8 miles. I miss when 8 miles was a short run…oh the days. I can’t wait to get back to feeling like 8 miles is a walk in the park.

But then yesterday we were blessed here in Kansas City with 60 degree weather and despite my training plan not calling for any running, I had to take advantage of it. So, on my lunch break I went out and ran 4 miles with only a sports bra and joggers. It was a damn blast. I even felt strong. I finished my run in 36:40.

4 miles in 36:40

Today I am supposed to run 3 miles. The weather won’t be too terribly cold but it won’t be reaching 60 degrees again for awhile. I am quite excited that my training does fall during the time I will be in Hawaii. I ran on the beach this past Summer in Texas and I can’t wait to experience the sand between my toes and the vast ocean beside me.

I have also started cutting back on alcohol and sweets. I am trying to cut out most of this during the week unless I add it to my calorie count. Cutting it out cold turkey from the sugar fest I took part in this holiday season will just not work for me. I will be a craving ravenous fiend if I tell myself “no.” So I have been trying to eat around 70/30-80/20 during the day. What this means is I try to eat about 70-80 percent wholesome foods and then I let myself splurge around 20-30 percent for the time being. I really want to start filling my diet with nutritious foods that help my running but will ease into that as well. My goal is to beat my PR during a half and full this year. This means taking a bit of weight off my body and working on my speed.

I decided against the New York marathon. It just wasn’t feasible this year given that it costs 300 bucks and that would come out of my account right when I get back from Hawaii if I was chosen. So I plan to run KC this year and try to enter into the Chicago marathon for 2020. It would be pretty cool since I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2010. Can you believe I have been a crazy running fool for 10 years??? Time flies.

I have bee trying to also take my little lady out for more walks so I can slow down and really enjoy the view. She just turned 9 and I want to soak up every single moment I have with her. She is my home.


And Just like that…

And just like that running season is upon us. I didn’t even realize my first half marathon is March 2nd. I am signed up for the Heartland Series. The line up has changed so instead of Garmin, I am running the Liberty Half Marathon. That is just about 8 weeks away, meaning, I need to start get my booty running again. I have been taking my workouts inside (because I am a chicken and I hate the cold) and running intervals on the treadmill but nothing solid until this morning. This morning I did 4 miles, without slowing down or getting off. My first real longer run will take place Saturday. I will brave the Kansas cold and layer up.


The Four Main Food Groups

Have you ever heard that most psychiatrist need their own psychiatrist because of all the personal information they ingest all day long? Well, personal trainers sometimes need their own motivation. This holiday season has been tough for me to stay on track. My workouts are pretty solid but my cookie intake is not ideal. Well, maybe ideal for Buddy the Elf. Some mornings I literally feel like my workouts are fueled by the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. There may be a bit of wine and whiskey in that mix as well but let me tell you, it is no bueno. I was finding myself having a glass of wine or two a night plus multiple office treats throughout the day and just not feeling on top of my game so I have finally established no drinking on weekdays again. I do foresee a problem with Christmas Eve and Christmas on this Monday and Tuesday but after those cheerful festivities, it is back to the daily grind. My Hawaii trip is only about a month away and this bod is pretty sure Santa (aka mama bear) got me a swimsuit I have been eyeing. So eat, drink and be merry and enjoy this holiday season but everything is better in moderation!

45 minute leg blast

2 min run

10 box jumps

10 leg extensions

10 goblet squat kick

10 standing leg raises each side

Repeat for 45 minutes


Chasing the Dream

 I have been chasing a body goal that I can’t reach. I started working out regularly since 2010 and since then I have ran a million miles and never missed more than a few days in a row of a sweat session. I ultimately workout for my health, sanity, and to reach my PR running goals. But I also have always wanted a flat stomach, maybe a few abdominals protruding out but the reality is I weighed 250 pounds when I was a child. It is perfectly normal to have some rolls when sitting down but mine was always a little more and when bending over I had more hang down than I thought normal. I always wear a bigger size in jeans because of this and sometimes I just feel like I have this weird shaped body for someone that works out and eats healthy most of the time. Don’t get my wrong, love my body most of the time but we all have something about our body we wish we could tweak. I finally wanted to know, was this skin or was this fat? Was I chasing a dream body that just wasn’t possible? 

I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon (I have some work done) and I finally asked the million dollar question. He took a look and automatically told me it was skin. The only way to get rid of this “extraness” is with a tummy tuck. You know he is not a money hungry surgeon when he tells you it isn’t worth it to carve a scar across my stomach. He said for weighing that much, this extra skin was not that big of a deal. So here I have been trying to get to this goal weight and bod and now I must step away from this dream and learn to continue to workout for health, sanity, and all the rest of my goals.

Workout for the day:

5 minute run
wood chops left
wood chops right
Kb pass through

5 minute run
pike crunches
wind mills
spider lunges

5 minute run
bicycle crunches
plank rotations
scissor kicks 

finish on treadmill