My Favorite Things

I suck at this blogging thing. For now until my yearly payment is due, I will try my best to update but then I am going to let this fall to the wayside and actually update on my Instagram. I have a lot to offer as far as running long distance. I think for now I will share on a weekly basis what my favorite “things” are…drum roll please…

Hello freckle face.

I am kind of obsessed with my Goodr sunglasses. I vowed that I could not, would not ever wear sunglasses while running and then I put these bad boys on and never looked back. When the sun is shining I put these sunnies on and hit the streets. I have two pair. Today I opted for my rose colored lenses and let me tell you, I felt like I was in a zombie movie because every time I saw black pavement or water it looked like blood. So if you are interested these are only 25 dollars and do not slip!

vivoactive 3

I have had my Garmin Vivoactive 3 for a year or so now and I really dig it. I had been looking at the Apple watch for years but I heard the battery life is not the best and when I am utilizing the GPS for a couple hours I don’t want to lose battery when I am running a race. Shortly after I got this they came out with the music Vivoactive. If this dude ever dies on me I would probably get that or if the battery life improves on the Apple Watch I would invest in one of those. Until then I don’t need anything too fancy. I only care about my pace and splits. The battery life lasts several days and has lots of options for activities. It also pairs with my phone so if I am running a race I can look down and see my support system texting me praises.

My mom got me a few of these several years back and one day I slipped it on my arm and haven’t used anything to hold my phone since. It is light weight. I can put my key fob in there and also a Gu or two. I have an Iphone X and have no issues.


I have gone through a lot of running shoes and sometimes I get stuck on a style and stay true to that style for awhile. See what I did there. Anyways, Newtons are my jam right now. They are lightweight which is a must for me. I absolutely hate clunky shoes. They take some getting use to but since I have broken them in I am really enjoying how I am running in them.

Let me know what your favorite things are right now. Doesn’t have to be running related.


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