Eat good food, travel and take up space

I had a co-worker whose New Year’s Resolution was not to lose weight but to eat good food, travel, and take up space. This is a motto I want to start living. Weight should not define one’s self. We are so much more than a number on the scale. As long as you can move your body and you are healthy within your mind and body, then life is good. I type these words and yet it does bother me I have gained 10 pounds since February. I keep telling myself it is bloat and asking myself “How can this happen?” But then I recall the mindless Oreos I grab in the kitchen. The chips and bread I have with most dinners and the Easter candy I quickly demolished. THIS is how you can gain 10 pounds in a couple months. If I wasn’t a long distance runner I would not be as worried. I know how to get weight off. I have done it plenty of times and helped countless people reduce their weight. It also isn’t about how I look like, it is more about how I feel. When I walk or stand up from sitting on the ground, I can feel this weight. Try take a 10 pound weight and run with it. I can definitely feel that extra weight while running.

So I type these words so I can hold myself accountable. I have a half marathon on Saturday and I would like to do good. I know I can’t lose a lot of weight in week but I can definitely reduce some of the bloat. I am going to drink lots of water and just be mindful of the food I put into my mouth. I am going to try to not mindlessly snack at work and instead sip on hot tea to keep my hands busy. I am also going to keep my body moving.

This weekend I did get in 9.5 miles yesterday and 5.5 today. I am happy my body can still put in those miles. Today I wrote up a good workout. I was going to run three miles and do an outside tabata workout. I was out on my three mile run when two miles in I ran up by my old high school and saw my dad get out of his truck. He had no idea I was out for a run but he went up to the track to run after lifting weights. I could not pass up this opportunity to run with my dad so we walked a lap and ran a lap until he hit 3.5 miles and I got 5.5 miles in. These are moments I will cherish.

So, let’s eat good food but be mindful, fuel your body with water, move and dance that beautiful body of yours around because at the end of the day it isn’t about the weight, it isn’t about what you look like but just how you feel inside and out.


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