My Favorite Things

I suck at this blogging thing. For now until my yearly payment is due, I will try my best to update but then I am going to let this fall to the wayside and actually update on my Instagram. I have a lot to offer as far as running long distance. I think for now I will share on a weekly basis what my favorite “things” are…drum roll please…

Hello freckle face.

I am kind of obsessed with my Goodr sunglasses. I vowed that I could not, would not ever wear sunglasses while running and then I put these bad boys on and never looked back. When the sun is shining I put these sunnies on and hit the streets. I have two pair. Today I opted for my rose colored lenses and let me tell you, I felt like I was in a zombie movie because every time I saw black pavement or water it looked like blood. So if you are interested these are only 25 dollars and do not slip!

vivoactive 3

I have had my Garmin Vivoactive 3 for a year or so now and I really dig it. I had been looking at the Apple watch for years but I heard the battery life is not the best and when I am utilizing the GPS for a couple hours I don’t want to lose battery when I am running a race. Shortly after I got this they came out with the music Vivoactive. If this dude ever dies on me I would probably get that or if the battery life improves on the Apple Watch I would invest in one of those. Until then I don’t need anything too fancy. I only care about my pace and splits. The battery life lasts several days and has lots of options for activities. It also pairs with my phone so if I am running a race I can look down and see my support system texting me praises.

My mom got me a few of these several years back and one day I slipped it on my arm and haven’t used anything to hold my phone since. It is light weight. I can put my key fob in there and also a Gu or two. I have an Iphone X and have no issues.


I have gone through a lot of running shoes and sometimes I get stuck on a style and stay true to that style for awhile. See what I did there. Anyways, Newtons are my jam right now. They are lightweight which is a must for me. I absolutely hate clunky shoes. They take some getting use to but since I have broken them in I am really enjoying how I am running in them.

Let me know what your favorite things are right now. Doesn’t have to be running related.


My Favorite Workout Right Now

Working out can suck, right? You have dedicated an hour to the gym and every time you look at the clock time seems to be going backwards it is going so slow. I feel you. Totally. Like, so much. A good playlist helps sometimes but I need something where I just keep moving and something that breaks up the time and activity. I also need something that gets my heart pounding and helps me shed the weight.

Last week I wrote a post about gaining some weight. I have been working out and training people for a long time so I know what works and what doesn’t work for my body. Every body is different and I know for me to get back on track and get the extra weight off, I need to eat from the ground and move my body. Meaning, stay on that track! Oh and also don’t stress about it. Stress definitely can cause weight gain. All week I drank my water, limited alcohol, ate oatmeal and salads and did my favorite workouts which are HIIT/tabata workouts!

My workout looked something like this:

  • 2 minute run on the treadmill
  • Tabata bicep curls
  • 2 minute run on the treadmill
  • Tabata burpees
  • 2 minute run on the treadmill
  • Tabata bicycle crunches

This isn’t necessarily a workout I have done but you get the gist. I have mentioned tabata workouts before and I really enjoy them. It is a exercise that is done for 20 seconds and you rest for 10. You then repeat this 8 times, totaling 4 minutes. It breaks up the time for me and instead of looking at the time in big chunks, I am looking at seconds of work and after awhile 40 minutes has gone by. There is a great free app that helps you with your time called Gym Boss.


Eat good food, travel and take up space

I had a co-worker whose New Year’s Resolution was not to lose weight but to eat good food, travel, and take up space. This is a motto I want to start living. Weight should not define one’s self. We are so much more than a number on the scale. As long as you can move your body and you are healthy within your mind and body, then life is good. I type these words and yet it does bother me I have gained 10 pounds since February. I keep telling myself it is bloat and asking myself “How can this happen?” But then I recall the mindless Oreos I grab in the kitchen. The chips and bread I have with most dinners and the Easter candy I quickly demolished. THIS is how you can gain 10 pounds in a couple months. If I wasn’t a long distance runner I would not be as worried. I know how to get weight off. I have done it plenty of times and helped countless people reduce their weight. It also isn’t about how I look like, it is more about how I feel. When I walk or stand up from sitting on the ground, I can feel this weight. Try take a 10 pound weight and run with it. I can definitely feel that extra weight while running.

So I type these words so I can hold myself accountable. I have a half marathon on Saturday and I would like to do good. I know I can’t lose a lot of weight in week but I can definitely reduce some of the bloat. I am going to drink lots of water and just be mindful of the food I put into my mouth. I am going to try to not mindlessly snack at work and instead sip on hot tea to keep my hands busy. I am also going to keep my body moving.

This weekend I did get in 9.5 miles yesterday and 5.5 today. I am happy my body can still put in those miles. Today I wrote up a good workout. I was going to run three miles and do an outside tabata workout. I was out on my three mile run when two miles in I ran up by my old high school and saw my dad get out of his truck. He had no idea I was out for a run but he went up to the track to run after lifting weights. I could not pass up this opportunity to run with my dad so we walked a lap and ran a lap until he hit 3.5 miles and I got 5.5 miles in. These are moments I will cherish.

So, let’s eat good food but be mindful, fuel your body with water, move and dance that beautiful body of yours around because at the end of the day it isn’t about the weight, it isn’t about what you look like but just how you feel inside and out.


The Spring Curse

I think it started in 2015. I remember quitting the YMCA and starting my job as a personal trainer at OneLife in Power & Light. My dream job and I wasn’t looking the part. My allergies were raging, I was more than exhausted and my appetite was ravenous. My weight that I had always under control just kept creeping up. I would try to workout but my energy level was struggling and when I would get my workouts in, it made me even more hungry. I was uncomfortable in my body and my mind was getting foggy from the lack of sleep. I have always had sleep and digestion issues but they were out of control. I would bloat so much that my clothes would not fit, causing me not wanting to workout which in turn made my usual healthy eating habits nowhere to be seen. You get my drift? It was a literal domino effect. I just could not catch a break. I felt like I needed a week or a few days to just get to sleep on time, wake up on time, eat all the veggies and the fruits, work the workouts and just get the heck back on schedule.

I am not sure why this happens every Spring. I just realized this year that this has been an ongoing yearly event. Maybe it is allergies. Maybe it is getting burnt out on Spring running. Maybe it is the dreary rainy longer days. One’s mood can cause lots of mind+body imbalances.

For now I am trying to stay on track by going to bed around 9. Trying my hardest to get up early enough to get a little workout in so I can stay on a workout schedule and when I am hungry (which is all of the time) I have been scarfing down vegetables and fruits. I also have been trying to make an effort to look nice for work. I realize when I put on a little makeup and throw on some heels, I feel more confident which leads me to healthier/confident choices.

I have a couple half marathons coming up, number 31 and 32 and then I may hang up my long distance running shoes for more lifting. I really wish I could afford a cross-fit style gym but for now my goal is to stay active and healthy. Every year it always balances itself out and I get back in my groove. just going through this ebb and flow and listening to my body.


Take care of yourself.

A few months ago I signed up for Care/Of. I took the assessment and they told me what vitamins I needed to supplement my diet. Since it was my first time they gave me a great deal! It was around 30 bucks. The next month, however it was going to be the normal price of 70 dollars. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford that hefty chunk of money.

I got on Amazon, found the exact same supplements and it saved me around 20 dollars. I found some little bags that I wrote the days of the week on and now every Sunday I fill my little baggies. Sure, the convenience of having bags already made with little quotes on them were cute, adorable and easy peasy but this takes about 5 minutes on a Sunday, I can scroll through Instragram for some quotes and then take myself out with that 20 bucks I saved. It totally adds up!

Life has been a crazy ride lately. Running has not been my favorite activity. However, the temperature has finally begun to rise in Kansas City so I am hoping my motivation increases. The ebb and flow of life can be beautiful. Some days I want to run and eat spinach and other days I would rather take a long walk with Sophie and eat carrot cake. It is literally all about balance and trying to live each day and do what you want to do. I don’t want to be on my death bed and have any regrets and I know I will regret baking and eating all the cookies. I want to live a long and healthy life and that comes with having a bit of sanity and dessert keeps me sane.

I have been trying to cook more often and get Soph out of the house. Last week I cooked up some vegetable korma and took Soph to Bar K which is a dog park/bar. This is the life I want to live. I don’t want to be stuck in any boxes. I don’t want to be known as the “runner” or this and that. I just want to thrive.

Each day I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. Today I have a hair appointment and usually I just come right on home. I can get stuck in routine habits but today, I think I may explore a little more. I may grab some flowers from the farmer’s market or grab a coffee at Quay coffee. Seize the day. Breath it in.